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10 Trends Reshaping the Legal Industry


by: Gary Fiebert, Partner, Smock Law Firm Consultants

You cannot pick up a copy of any business or law related publication (either in print or on your laptop) that does not contain one or more articles espousing the use of digitization applications to enhance productivity and profitability. As law firms seek to play catch-up to their clients and, at the same time, improve their own profitability, they are seeking more and more ways to streamline their internal operations and the external practice of law. Law firms are looking towards enhancing their operational work flows read the full article here….

Artificial intelligence disrupting the business of law

Firms are recognising that failure to invest in technology will hinder ability to compete in today’s legal market

Its traditional aversion to risk has meant the legal profession has not been in the vanguard of new technology. But it is seen as ripe for disruption — a view that is based not least on pressure from tech-savvy corporate clients questioning the size of their legal bills and wanting to reduce risk.  Read the Full Article