Becoming the Law Firm of the Future

It is clear that the practice of law is changing and Law Firms need to be changing as well. Technology is the great disruptor and as Law Firms embrace technology they are changing the way they work, where they work and the environment in which they work. The Vortex Group’s Law Firm Practice Group is dedicated to helping law firms with this trans-formative process to become the Law Firm of the Future.

We believes that we need to focus on your business before we find the right real estate. That theory is never more pronounced in this world of the changing law firm. It’s not enough to say “just find me 25% less space then we had before”. There is a great deal of work that has to be done before we know what building, what location and how much space is needed for the future of your law firm.

We have divided it into four distinct categories:
1. Strategic Business Planning
2. Information Management
3. Design Strategy
4. Real Estate Strategy

The pages of this website will explore what the Law Firm of the Future will look like and seek to help them get there.